Shree Harsiddhi

Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra


Introduction: Houses big or small, shops, commercial complexes, dharmshalas, temples, and even vehicles must be designed according to Vastu rules. If there is a Vastu fault in a premise, there are many ways to appease Vastu God. Out of these Vastu Yantra is simple and highly effective. By the establishment of this yantra, Vastu faults are eliminated and prosperity prevails at that place.

Vastu Yantra Should be installed at the time of Yagya, the birth of a child, yagyopavit, marriage, functions, grain storage, in a house broken by electrocution, house burnt by fire, house residing snakes, evil spirits, cool or crows, where women quarrel, etc.

Mantra:Om Vaastoshpataye Namah.


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