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Features of Varsh Details

  • Varsh Details is a comprehensive 30-31 page Varshphal report with detailed predictions for a specific year.
  • This Varshaphal report can be cast for any specific year.
  • The incredibly useful predictions made here are not just something that involves the Varshaphal chart but they also assist in better understanding of a native’s natal chart, Dasha and transit as well.

Varsh Details contains numerous highly useful charts and tables arrived after sincere calculations such as:


  • Varshphal Chart, Varshphal Chalit, Varshphal Moon, Varshphal Navamsa etc.
  • Dwadas Varga Table & Friendship Table
  • Varsh Triptaki Chart
  • Varsheshwar (Year Lord) Determination

Extremely crucial & useful predictions are included such as:

  • Year Lord Prediction
  • Muntha Prediction
  • Muntha Lord Prediction
  • Varsh Ascendant Lord Prediction

After a thorough analysis, it provides a month-wise detailed prediction report for 12 months that includes almost each and every aspect affecting our day to day life such as health, finance, business, family, relationships, society and status, theft, children etc.

Benefits of Varsh Details

  • It provides useful insights into the specific year that we want to know the Varsh Details for.
  • It helps people from the business community in making informed financial decisions by looking at their favourable & unfavourable planetary transit during the year, thereby turning the risk-reward ratio in their favour.
  • It helps professionals know about their career outlook in that particular year e.g. growth opportunities signified in terms of promotion in the same job or a switch with an increase in remuneration & a better job role.
  • It is in particular beneficial for students appearing for competitive examinations in a year, as it reveals the level of help that they are poised to get from the planets during that period.
  • It warns us beforehand if a bad period for our health is slated to come so that we can take necessary dietary & lifestyle precautions.
  • People who are speculative businesses like the stock markets and trading in the commodity markets can benefit from the useful predictions by taking low-risk trades in the year that does not has strong financial gains signified.
  • It suggests the best periods for property & vehicle purchase and the periods where large investments or expenditures must be avoided.


– The Report will be uploaded on the order page in PDF format.

– After Submitting the order, your report will be uploaded on the order page within 2 working days.


– Kindly be aware that all the predictions and content given in this report are generated by third-party software. As advice, predictions given in this report are not watertight and shall be taken as indications and probability of events. Hence, shreeharsiddhi.com or Dr Pankaj Trivedi is not accountable or answerable for offensive or abusive content or prediction is given in this report.


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