Shree Harsiddhi

Navagrah Yantra


When planets are adverse, failure is seen everywhere in every endeavor. Under these circumstances, the use of this yantra either at a fixed place or in a mobile condition or wearing of this yantra can be immensely beneficial.

This yantra can be of 2 types:

  1. i)One yantra for all planets.
  2. ii)Separate yantras for each  planet. Use of this yantra strengthen health, gives success in business, and

enhances the prestige

Method of Use: Worship planets before this yantra.
For appeasing Lord Sun, worship Lord Vishnu and recite Harivansh Puran before this yantra.
For appeasement of Lord Moon, worship Lord Shiva before this yantra.
For appeasement of Lord Mars, worship Hanumanji before this yantra. The unwarranted humiliation caused by someone is avenged.
Mantra:Om Navgraha Devataayai Namah.



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